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Hi, I'm DJ Yanique (Yannick Benoit) founder of Yanique Entertainment since 2007. Born in Mauritius and raised in Australia, I have a passion and interest in music and dance. Yanique is a unique entertainment service as it is based on my background as a dancer and other performing arts. Yanique's audience is diverse allowing me to perform, organise events and DJ to every generation, culture and community. My team of DJs are on the decks every weekend at The Queens Hotel, Brass Monkey and Stirling Arms Hotel.

Whats On?

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Events run by Yanique are exciting and inclusive of every sector of the community, including BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of colour) with K'lypso Events and DSSG (diverse sex, sexuality and gender) with Spank Events (

Health and Fitness has been a strong arm of Yanique since 2010 and has allowed me to build relationships in over 15 countries. On this website you may see a snapshot of services that can be offered by Yanique, but really, this is only limited by your imagination. If you would like to form a relationship with Yanique, please give me a call! My team and I, would love to work with you! 

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