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AfroBeat & Mauritian Dance

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Inglewood Community Centre

895 Beaufort Street


This Saturday class is Postponed until June 2020 as Yannick is in Brazil!




West Australian Ballet Centre

134 Whatley Crescent


Don't Drive? Catch the train to Maylands and jump over the road,



Your First Yanique Dance Fitness Class!


Yanique Dance Fitness involves interval training, to promote cardiovascular health and muscular toning, while dancing and keeping fit. Dance styles vary from modern, pop, dancehall, salsa, ragga, funk, samba etc with fitness variations inspired by many other dance fitness programs like Zumba, Bokwa, Hot Hula, Boxfit, Konga etc. 


You can expect to be among other participants who are highly enthusiastic and love music and love to learn new things. 


This is healthy for the mind and spirit!

Your first class may be challenging as you do different steps and rhythms for your first time, and you might want to stand at the back so no one sees you.


You'll then understand that the class is repetitive with the same routines for about 6 weeks with a slow introduction to new tracks so eventually, you are at the same level as everyone else, and suddenly, it doesn't seem so hard...and you're hooked!


You're loving the music, the moves, and the atmosphere!

Now the nerves are out, you're enjoying the party while keeping fit!

We are a community of just every day, ordinary people, who love to dance and party together, chat, laugh and cry, while we sweat together! Keep an open and adventurous mind and we welcome you with open arms! 

Casual Classes $12 

$100 for 10 class discount cards

$6 for under 12's - must be accompanied by a supervisor/guardian