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Samba Hens Nights

"Yannick is a fantastic Zumba instructor and Samba dancer, he impressed all the guest at both my hens night and wedding. Yannick was very punctual and did not let down the crowd that was expecting him, dancing with both young and old he got all my guests up and on the dance floor. At my wedding he made me the center of attention by making me look good and leading me with his dance moves. Thank you Yannick everyone is still talking about it. When they see your name or face they always think of the vibrant Mauritius man who can shake his body like no other"


Karin Vanessa 17/06


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful performance on my 40th birthday party and how you made that night rock with your dance and made everybody join in and have a wonderful time.

Thankyou so much for your performance and making me have a wonderful time"


Maraseel Maisary 10/06

"Yannick was SENSATIONAL. A true professional, he arrived early, we had a practice run as we put on a little bit of show.


Yannick involved all the ladies and I have to say we all got a workout!! I would recommend having Yannick at any function, his bubbly personality, sparkly outfits and dare I say sexy dance moves....would make it a night to remember.



I know us girls will always remember the night Yannick came in and brought Zumba and Samba into our lives. Thank you Yannick, you are GEM!"



Mili Gandossi  8. 9. 2010


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